Our Core Values

Tucson Asphalt Contractors, Inc

Core Values

(Non-negotiable rules of behavior)

We adhere to and maintain these core values at all times:

  • Teamwork – We treat each other with equal value and respect.  We don’t hold onto power.
  • Character – We do the Right Thing when it is uncomfortable and can cost us.
  • Integrity – We do what we say we will do.
  • Quality – We are transparent with all of our terms and work.  We don’t cut corners.
  • Safety – We eliminate all preventable unsafe acts.
  • Training   We expertly and patiently train in:
    • Professional and Personal Development (Leadership)
    • Asphalt Industry Skills
    • Safety Training
  • Competitive – We outperform all competition with unmatched value (price + service + quality)
  • Improvement – We are constantly improving in:
    • Operational Processes
    • Product Development
    • Safety Practices
    • Reputation
  • Benefits – We provide the best work environment and benefits possible for employees to realize their success.
  • Sustainable Success – We set, measure and achieve organizational and personal goals.  
  • Community – We give back to select Tucson area charities and individuals.


Our corporate mission statement