Who We Are

2005 Marvin M. Black Excellence in Partnering Award

Skyline Drive Design-Build Improvement Project

2005 Marvin M. Black Excellence in Partnering Award

Veterans Memorial Overpass Improvement Project

Tucson Asphalt Contractors, Inc

At Tucson Asphalt Contractors, we have over 22 years of experience serving Tucson and Pima County. We’re proud of our successful heritage of meeting customers’ expectations.

And, most importantly, we’re easy to reach – Our president, Mr. Paul Polito, can be reached directly at 520-977-0585 with any questions or concerns.

Our primary goals are to provide exceptional service to our customers and to provide a secure and progressive work environment for our team.

To stay abreast of the best industry practices, our leaders and team members undergo continuing education and training about the newest technologies for paving and construction. That’s why we’re Tucson’s leading asphalt company.

Why Choose Tucson Asphalt?

The right size, the right service, the right reputation.

Tucson is our home

Unlike the gigantic, impersonal, out-of-state paving companies, we’re longtime members of the Tucson community. We live work here. Most importantly, we pave the same Pima County and Arizona State roadways that our families drive on every day, just like you and your family. So, we make sure to do each job safely and correctly the first time.

Broad experience with a focus on personal service

After over 22 years of paving Tucson, we know that laying good asphalt takes more than just men and machines. We’re proud that our customer service is the best in Tucson – In fact, we’re the contractor-of-choice to redo inadequate work by lesser paving crews.

When it comes to paving contractors, bigger isn’t better. In spite of our deep roots and long history of success, we’ve kept our total staff at around 35 people year-round. We’ve learned that a properly-sized and well-equipped team like ours always gives customers better results than larger companies, most of whose employees are here-today-gone-tomorrow seasonal amateurs.

We live by our reputation

Although we’re always happy to serve new customers who’ve found us online or in a directory, still, most of our business comes from referrals by our long-satisfied customers.

In order to truly judge the quality of a paving job, it’s best to see how well it withstands the test of time. And, after 25 years of paving Tucson and surrounding areas, it’s hard to drive anywhere without seeing our results.

We’re rated as an A+ Member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and we’re happy to report that we’ve never had an unresolved complaint.

If you’re looking for expert asphalt paving and related construction work here in Tucson, we’re just best choice. To receive a quick response and quote, just call us!