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Asphalt Services
Milling & Inlay

Tucson Asphalt Contractors can often provide excellent results with our expert asphalt mill and inlay techniques.

Mill & inlay

When an existing asphalt pavement has a sound foundation yet needs some rehabilitation work on the uppermost layers, we can often provide excellent results with our expert asphalt mill and inlay techniques.
Milling involves grinding down into the upper layer of the existing asphalt in order to remove any cracks, ruts and imperfections. Then we place a layer of inlay paving on top of the milled surface, which fills any holes and levels it off. Finally, we place an asphalt overlay on top to finish the process.

When it’s done by our highly skilled team, milling and inlay techniques are a great way to get the most mileage from existing asphalt and concrete, by giving them a fresh new asphalt surface.

Advantages of mill and inlay methods

One of the advantages of using mill and inlay methods to rehabilitate asphalt pavements is the fact that, if done properly, it can be used to fix serious surface defects while still maintaining the same pavement height overall.
This is especially important when it’s deemed necessary to keep existing curbs and shoulders the same height as before. For example, in some cases a paving project might be much costlier if too-thick layers of new pavement would affect curbs and shoulders along a road.

In these situations, mill and inlay techniques offer a perfect way to enjoy the benefits of a new asphalt pavement while avoiding the complications of having to do unnecessary work on adjoining curbs and shoulders.

Here in Pima County, Tucson Asphalt Contractors is your best source for asphalt milling. We make sure each job is completed with expert attention to detail, so you can enjoy the benefits of fresh new asphalt pavement while saving money.

We have over 30 years of experience with milling and inlay. To learn more about the benefits of rehabilitating a pavement through our mill and inlay services, just call us for an assessment and quote.