Specialty Paving

Specialty paving services

We’re Tucson’s best choice when it comes to paving surfaces which are especially challenging, such as sports courts and running tracks, or steep and curving roads, or narrow pathways.

And, we’re experts with elevator paving, demolition and removals, and any job involving new construction. We also specialize in building clean, elegant pedestrian and bike paths.

  • Dry Wells
  • Guard Rail
  • Hand Rail
  • Lighting
  • Pipe Bollards
  • Running Tracks
  • Sports Courts
  • Tennis Courts
  • Traffic Circles
  • Utility Adjustments

Elevator paving

We’re Tucson’s leader in windrow elevator paving, which allows extra volume of paving material to be laid very quickly. Very few paving companies have the equipment or experience to use this paving method, but Tucson Asphalt does.

Elevator paving lets us operate our pavers continuously without stopping, which means fast turnaround time and minimal waiting time for dump trucks at the work site. Elevator paving helps prevent aggregates from separating out of the asphalt mix.

And, this type of paving is also critically important anytime there are potential issues with temperature which might affect the application of hot asphalt.

Demolition & removal

We’re experts in demolition and the removal of old asphalt and concrete materials. Fortunately, with our patented Smart AsphaltTM technology, in many cases we’re able to greatly reduce the amount of removed material, which saves time, money and resources.

Pedestrian paths, bike paths & cart paths

Most paving companies can’t handle narrow paving jobs such as pedestrian pathways, bike paths and cart paths. Yet, Tucson Asphalt specializes in these challenging projects. With our special equipment and skilled teams, we can pave your pathways quickly, cleanly and cost-effectively.

Specialty tracks & courts

We’re proud to be Tucson’s leading provider of specialty paving for running tracks and sports courts. We’ve paved tracks and sports courts for many local schools, and we’re happy to pave any kind of challenging surface.

We also apply and repair specialty rubber surfaces, such as those used in many sports venues.

Have an unusual surface that needs paving or pavement repair? Call Tucson’s most skilled asphalt and concrete professionals.