During our over 30 years of asphalt paving experience here in Tucson, we’ve learned that the key to pavement longevity is to prepare and grade the sub-base and base correctly.

Before laying any asphalt, we always make sure the sub-base can support the weight of intended traffic, and we take the time to properly grade everything.

Our teams expertly grade all surfaces to ensure a long-lasting pavement with adequate drainage for water, and to provide a smooth, vibration-free surface for traffic.


For most projects, we can make good use of the existing sub-base and base materials which are already in place. We generally pulverize those materials and blend them together to form the base for your new pavement, which saves money and natural resources.

Pulverizing eliminates the time and expense of excavating and hauling the old pavement away, as well as saving on landfill costs. Best of all, by using the pulverized pieces of old asphalt we add larger aggregate size to the new base, which makes it stronger than the old pavement.


After pulverizing and grading, we compact the base with vibration equipment as well as heavy rollers. Compaction ensures that the final pavement will be strong enough to carry the weight of all traffic for which it was designed.

We also use rollers to compact newly-placed asphalt in order to compress the mixture into a denser mass, as well as to mold it into desired shapes and form it around embedded structural parts. Compaction helps by squeezing out air trapped within the asphalt mix.

We do the job right… the first time

Just like any construction job, asphalt paving requires proper design and surface preparation. Before beginning work on any paving, we first prepare and grade the sub-base and base to make sure the completed pavement will support the traffic it’s designed to carry, and drain water away from the surface.

No matter whether your job is big or small, we’re Pima County’s best source for grading, asphalt paving and related construction services.

To ensure your project is completed professionally and on-budget, contact Tucson Asphalt Contractors.