Fog Sealing

Fog sealing in Tucson

Here in the Tucson area, fog sealing is a popular, low-cost treatment that restores flexibility to an existing asphalt pavement. Fog seal helps postpone the need for asphalt overlays or other surface treatments, and it’s especially helpful after chip sealing to keep the stone aggregate stuck securely in place.

Fog seal consist of a light application of dilute, slow-setting asphalt emulsion or oils over the surface of an existing, weather-aged pavement. Fog sealing is good preventive maintenance, and it restores or rejuvenates an existing hot melt asphalt surface for a year or two.

The oils or asphalt emulsion used in the process are “misted” over the existing asphalt pavement. The components used are slower-drying than most other oils, and they have lower viscosity, which means they’re thinner and runnier than typical asphalt.

The fog seal is applied by a special truck with spraying equipment that relies on computerized controls to ensure that the liquid is applied at the proper rate.

Fog sealer works well for driveways, parking lots and roads with relatively low volume, that can be closed to traffic for a period of four to six hours required for the asphalt emulsion or oil to set.

Since it provides an entirely new, if thin surface, this treatment makes a pavement look as if it’s been completely overlaid with new asphalt.

Where is fog seal used?

Fog sealer can be used anywhere you want to seal a relatively new surface, such as parking lots, driveways and roads. This treatment is especially popular for airport runways, because it maintains the quality of the pavement by rejuvenating porous surfaces and preserving resistance to skidding.

The treatment is used to delay the weathering or oxidation of pavement, as well as to waterproof the surface.

It’s important to keep in mind that although fog sealing is less costly than installing an entirely new pavement, it only lasts for a few years. Still, it’s a cost-effective way to protect your investment in an existing asphalt pavement. And, it makes any pavement look new.

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