Chip Sealing

Chip sealing in Tucson

Chip seal or chip sealing (also called chipseal) is a pavement treatment that combines at least one layer of asphalt with at least one layer of aggregate. For homeowners and business owners here in the Tucson area, it’s a popular method of providing a good surface for roads or driveways because it’s less expensive than resurfacing, although not as long-lasting.

Chip sealing extends your pavement’s life and it provides a good driving surface. Chipseal uses the same materials as asphalt overlays, but the construction method is different. When using the chip seal process, a thin layer of hot liquid asphalt is sprayed on the existing road surface, then small aggregates (“chips”) are placed on top.

These chips are then compacted for maximum adhesion to the asphalt, and excess chips are swept away from the surface. Optionally, the pavement can then be sealed with a top layer, such as a fog seal.

The benefits of chip sealing

Chipseals offer a way to maintain roads, driveways and other pavements for a low cost. And, they provide other benefits, too:

  • Eliminate the need for crack sealing
  • Provide good resistance to skidding
  • Offer an effective water barrier
  • Slow or prevent deterioration of the underlying asphalt surface from the effects of sun and water

It’s important to keep in mind that chip seals can help maintain the existing condition of good pavement underneath by sealing it against water and sun, yet chip sealing doesn’t provide any structural strength to an underlying pavement in poor condition, and it can only repair minor cracks.

And, even though the small stones used in chipseal yield a fairly even surface without showing unsightly patching, the resulting surface is rough, so it causes some rolling noise and vibration from vehicles wheels when moving rapidly.

With chipsealing, it’s important to make sure that excess stones are removed by sweeping after installation and through occasional maintenance, so they won’t be kicked up by tires or end up blocking nearby drainage channels.

The best chip seal in Tucson

Tucson Asphalt provides expert chipsealing in Tucson and throughout the region. We ensure that the chipseal is correctly placed and bonded to your existing pavement, so you’ll enjoy the longest service from your pavement at the lowest cost.

To learn more about the benefits of chipseal, just call Tucson’s best asphalt company.

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Chip seal or chip sealing is the economical way of extending pavement life or building new pavement


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