Green Asphalt ™

Green Asphalt™

At Tucson Asphalt, we spent more than ten years developing Green Asphalt™. It’s our exclusive, patent-pending product that uses a special rubber binder to provide superior asphalt pavement while saving money and natural resources. Green Asphalt™ is truly a technological breakthrough that gives us a strong competitive advantage over other local paving companies.

The secret of Green Asphalt™ lies in our proprietary rubber binder, which provides a tensile strength ratio as high as 99.4%. That’s far superior to conventional binders, which tend to crack quickly. Most importantly, it means big savings for you, since superior paving results are achieved with less thickness, lower cost, and fewer wasted resources.

How strong is Green Asphalt™?

A 1993 scientific study by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) found that a one-inch thickness of rubberized asphalt like our Green Asphalt™ outperforms a three-inch thickness with conventional binder used by most other paving companies.

This rubber greatly increases the viscoelastic properties of the binders used to hold a pavement’s components together. It gives our asphalt the flexibility and long-wearing durability to avoid most pavement-cracking issues that occur with the old traditional binders used here in Arizona’s extreme weather.

Why is Green Asphalt™ so “green”?

We’re proud of the fact that our Green Asphalt™ saves enormous amounts of resources, including time, money and fossil fuels. For example, based on a 100,000 square-foot paving job, the estimated savings include:

  • 33 tons of petroleum asphalt
  • 1,110 gallons of fuel burned at the asphalt plant
  • 37,000 pounds of CO2 emissions at the asphalt plant
  • 2,000 gallons of pavement sealer
  • 280 gallons of dump-truck fuel
  • 550 tons of sand and gravel
  • 1,527 tons of used-asphalt removal
  • 200 tires recycled from landfill
  • 670 cubic yards of landfill space


Why choose Green Asphalt™?

Beyond the energy-saving and environmental benefits of using our Green Asphalt™, there are other advantages as well. It’s largely self-sealing, and it also eliminates the process of removing all the old asphalt, so it reduces dust, noise, and traffic that result from using traditional asphalt binders.

Green Asphalt™ reduces the risk of drainage problems and underground utility damage which result from older pavement technologies. And, unlike the conventional of binders, it doesn’t need to be sealed for at least five years, or perhaps even longer.

Other reasons for choosing Green Asphalt™ include:

  • Costs less initially
  • Costs less for maintenance
  • Faster to lay
  • Lasts much longer
  • Increases resistance to cracking and rutting
  • Reduces roadway noise
  • Safer to use, both for workers and the environment

Best of all, by “going green” you’ll save between $0.40 to $0.60 per square foot on your paving project, which quickly adds up to major savings.

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Green Asphalt is Tucson Asphalt’s exclusive patent pending 3/4″ thick “magic rubber carpet”.


 Green Asphalt Pamphlet

“Quality proven for 14 years, Green Asphalt ™ is exclusively designed and manufactured for use on parking lots, private roadways (HOA’s), and public roadways.”