Green Asphalt ™ Benefits



Green Asphalt™ includes a 4 Year Warranty
Proven over 15 years in our Southern, Az. Climate


  • Unique Patent Pending Formula
  • Independent and In-house Quality Assurance Program in Place
  • High UV resistance to the Sun
  • Twice the Rubber, Polymer and 3 to 6 times thicker than Poly chip
  • Minimal tire scuffing or digging
  • Plant mixed, allows for more Rubber and Polymer versus Field mix controls
  • Green Asphalt™ Protects utilities versus reconstruction & increases the original pavement bridge versus other surface treatments
  • Green Asphalt™ is up to 2.5 X stronger than Non-Green (Intellectual Property)
  • Increased performance in in‐active areas
  • Increased impenetrability to water ponding areas
  • Meets and exceeds the current and previous requirements by MAG and PAG


  • Unique skeleton produces a very quiet ride with Green
  • Smooths out rough existing surfaces
  • Eliminates 20-ton high vibration milling/pulverizing machines
  • Eliminates intense vibration of existing underground utilities
  • Eliminates 7 out of 8, 24-ton dump truck loads versus a 4” reconstruction
  • Eliminates certain drainage issues due to innate section thickness and quality of install
  • Cuts asphalt plant carbon emissions in half
  • No mud, no dust from re-grading and no mud tracking from haul out
  • Less unsightly crack seals, reflective cracks are often too narrow to seal and tend to heal in the heat
  • No tracking of oxidized seal coat black dust
  • Green Surface air pockets retain less heat and curb Urban Heat Island effects


Tucson Asphalt’s Green Asphalt™ Pavement Preservation System saves 40 to 60% or more

Superior to Conventional Asphalt



  • Reduces traffic issues, “days, versus weeks to complete”
  • No loose gravel like a Poly chip, or Chip seal, no windshields broken
  • Stays black longer, Pavement Markings more visible
  • Reduced Complaints
  • High skid resistance
  • Drive on it soon after the roller
  • Reduced liability

Deferred Maintenance

  • Green reflective cracks are most often too narrow to seal, and cracks tend to heal in the heat
  • Crack & Seal maintenance deferred to 5 years or more
  • No 1st year Seal needed like a Slurry Seal or Non-Green