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Beware of “Gypsy” asphalt pavers

During our almost 20 years as Tucson’s leading asphalt contractor, we’ve seen it all….. That’s why we’re warning our customers and neighbors about the recent upsurge in fly-by-night “Gypsy” paving companies.

These fraudsters have been going door-to-door around many neighborhoods in Tucson and throughout Pima County. Unfortunately, they’ve conned plenty of good people, especially senior citizens, into believing in “bargains” that are “too good to be true.”

Watch out for shiny trucks with out-of-state plates, magnetic signs and toll-free numbers.

All too often, these scammers offer a “good deal” on “left-over asphalt” supposedly remaining from a big job nearby, and they usually offer to pave your driveway at a bargain price.

If a “Gypsy” or “Traveler” comes to your door or solicits you over the phone, just refuse the offer.

Homeowners shouldn’t hire any supposed pavers who solicit door-to-door. A legitimate Tucson asphalt paving company always has a local phone number and street address, and is always registered with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors.

Here in Arizona, anyone who performs asphalt work or any other construction valued at $1,000 or more must have a contractor’s license. It’s a law designed to protect you and your family members from unscrupulous contractors.

If you have any doubts about the qualification of someone who approaches you offering low-cost asphalt or other construction services, just check their license by contacting the Arizona Registrar of Contractors at 520-628-6345 here in Tucson, or statewide at 1-888-271-9286 or visit the ROC website at to learn more.


 ROC Media Advisory

Before hiring any contractor

✓ Insist on a written contract, read it, and don’t sign anything until you understand all terms

✓ Check the AZ Registrar of Contractors to make sure the contractor is licensed

✓ Don’t pay cash for a construction job, and don’t make a down-payment

Remember, legitimate contractors don’t:

✹ Solicit new business by going door-to-door

✹ Have out-of-state plates on their vehicles

✹ Have magnetic signs instead of painted-on signs with company name and phone number

✹ Require cash payments

✹ Ask customers to accept “left-over” materials from other jobs

✹ Tell customers to pay up-front, or pay in full

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