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The safety and health of our employees is Tucson Asphalt’s most important business consideration. No employee will be required to do a job that they consider unsafe. The company will comply with all applicable Arizona ADOSH and OSHA workplace safety and health requirements and maintain occupational safety and health standards that equal or exceed the best practices in the industry.

Tucson Asphalt’s safety program is engulfed in our 3 E’s. Our Safety Culture emphasizes “By the employees for the employees.” The safety program and policies are the employees. We recognize that at Tucson Asphalt, and we encourage it. We are Employee Owned, and we emphasize ownership. This is why Tucson Asphalt has established a safety committee consisting of field and shop representatives, whose responsibility will be identifying hazards and unsafe work practices, removing obstacles to accident prevention, and helping evaluate the company’s effort to achieve an accident-and-injury-free workplace.

Engage, to be involved, committed, and totally interested in all things Safety related, Company-related, the Safety and health of all our employees, and returning home the way we left.

Educate, having a desire to learn and grow personally and professionally. We actively train with a hands-on approach, with management and nonmanagement working hand and hand to complete our Goals.

Elevate, though it does mean rising in ranks, this is not our focus. Our focus is to improve morally, intellectually, culturally, and professionally. We strive to be and build 360-degree leaders. Serving from where you are, focusing on elevating others because you will be elevated in return.

When you apply these core values to your life over time, you evolve into what we like to call a “Solution provider.” Someone Engaged in Company Culture, Educating themselves and others, and Elevating everyone around them will look at a problem and provide a solution.


Every employee will receive regularly scheduled safety training through various methods that include.

  • New hire onboarding training includes all specific company safety policies, procedures, and OSHA compliance training.
  • Monthly company-wide Safety Meetings, presented by the Safety Department.
  • Monday Toolbox talks – Weekly Safety Newsletter published by the Safety Department.
  • Mandatory JSA/JHA’s led by the Superintendent, Foreman, and or leadman daily at the start of each project.
  • Specialty training delivered by a third-party vendor.
  • Job-specific training led by the Superintendent and/or Foreman with a documented sheet.
  • Optional Guest speakers on various Safety and leadership topics.
  • OSHA Outreach training.

Clients Testimonials

90% Of Our Calls Are Referrals Or Repeat Customers

With over 25 years of providing Tucson’s best asphalt and paving services, Tucson Asphalt is Pima County’s first choice property owners, contractors, engineers and municipalities who want quality paving.

Tucson Asphalt is an excellent company. The quality of their work and attention to detail is outstanding. We are glad to have them on our team
Mike Epstein

Owner, Epstein Construction

In my years of partnership, safety culture & program enhancements are notable. A mission to minimize risk, safeguard employees and provide quality is throughout the company. I enjoy working with Tucson Asphalt finding new and energizing initiatives each visit. This makes safety & risk control fun!
Gordon Graves

Senior Risk Control Consultant | Risk Control , CRIS