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Career Opportunities
Experienced Paving Operator
Tucson Asphalt, an employee-owned company, is Southern Arizona’s most respected asphalt company. We believe that it takes great employees to build a great organization – and we are passionate about helping our employees grow professionally and embrace teamwork in everything they do. We are a civil engineering construction company established in 1996. We serve with excellence and superior products to Tucson and the surrounding areas. Our culture is based on corporate values and centers on mutual respect, job satisfaction, diversity, and a shared responsibility to build a better future.

Job Description

Qualified candidates will be knowledgeable in paving operations and have at least three years of experience operating a paver. This position is responsible for operating the controls on the topside paver operator attached to the paver vehicle to control the quantity and consistency of asphalt deposited. The operator sets the pace of a paving operation by efficiently directing trucks into and out of the machine to maintain consistent production while monitoring machine controls and system and roadway alignment. Must thoroughly understand all aspects of the paving industry, including preparatory work, grades, drainage, paving patterns, aggregate size, job specifications, oil consistencies, compaction, and other details related to asphalt paving. This is an excellent opportunity for someone looking for a stable, growing company and a local route that allows you to stay close to family and be home every night. Responsibilities include following all safety procedures throughout the day. Apply in person at 2680 East Valencia Road #196, Tucson, AZ. You can email your resumes to ramon@tucsonasphalt.com.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Responsible for daily equipment maintenance to maintain proper and safe working order.
  • Operate the paver and other heavy equipment safely and appropriately, performing at industry and company standards.
  • Preheat the paving screed before placement of asphalt and monitor and control the temperature settings of the asphalt mixture.
  • Operate the paver controls to lower the screed auger, control the hopper, and navigate the paver’s direction.
  • Align the paving machine into position when receiving asphalt by a dump truck and maintain a constant flow of asphalt into the hopper; ease the paver forward, safely pushing the dump truck along the construction surface.
  • Observe the distribution of paving materials along the screed and control the direction of the screed to eliminate voids at curbs and joints.
  • Understand work directions and communicate effectively with job site supervisors and fellow employees.
  • Assist the paving crew with various duties such as shoveling, raking, and running the wheelbarrow.

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