Tucson Asphalt Cares about the needs of our Clients

That’s why we developed a product that delivers:

Faster installation

Increased life span

Smaller carbon footprint

More convenient process

Reduced costs

Unmatched 4-Year Warranty

We Call it
 Green Asphalt™

Time tested and proven for over 10 years!

Superior to Conventional Asphalt 

More Convenient

  • Immediately drivable surface
  • Eliminates damage to your underground Water & Sewer pipes.
  • Cuts roadway noise by well over 50%

Takes Less Time

  • Fast install eliminates long-term disruption (2 days, instead of 2 weeks)
  • No removal and re-grading process


  • Longer lasting
  • Shorter installation
  • Decreased maintenance

Longer Lifespan

  • Up to 2.5 times stronger than conventional asphalt
  • Greater flexibility and durability
  • Higher UV resistance (less drying out)

Green Asphalt™ Saves Resources

Green Asphalt™ also reduces the amount of asphalt and tires that end up in landfills.


  • Reduces all the Hydrant Water needed for dust control and grading.


  • Eliminates dust and mud from re-grading.
  • Eliminates 3 of 4 carbon emission trucks.
  • 2″s of your older asphalt hauled out and back, versus 1” of New Green™ hauled in.

In a 100,000 Square-Foot Paving Job, you’ll save…

  • 2,000 GALLONS
    Pavement Sealer
  • 280 GALLONS
    Dump-truck fuel
  • 2,110 GALLONS
    Fuel burned at the asphalt plant
  • 1,527 GALLONS
    used-asphalt removal
  • 200 TIRES
    Recycled from landfill
    Landfill space
  • 550 TONS
    Sand and Gravel
  • 3700 POUNDS
    CO2 emissions at the asphalt plant

You’re Saving More Than Just the Environment

Greater durability = Increased life span & less maintenance = Greater cost savings

Reduced Costs

  • No sealing needed for 4 to 5 years
  • Decreased maintenance overall
  • Saves up to 50% or more over 10 years
  • Unmatched 4-Year Warranty

How is Green Asphalt™ Different?