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Asphalt Services

Asphalt is one of the world’s most-used yet least-understood substances. It’s been used continuously for at least a couple thousand years.

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Chip Seal

Chip Sealing

Chip seal or chip sealing (also called chipseal) is a pavement treatment that combines at least one layer of asphalt with at least one layer of aggregate.

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Fog Sealing

Here in the Tucson area, fog sealing is a popular, lost-cost treatment that restores flexibility to an existing asphalt pavement.

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Grading - Road Widening


During our twenty-five years of asphalt paving experience here in Tucson, we’ve learned that the key to pavement longevity is to prepare and grade the sub-base and base correctly.

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Patching & Sealing

Just like all materials, asphalt pavements deteriorate over time. So, occasional maintenance is necessary in order to ensure that your pavements provide the longest life and best service.

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Seal Coating

Sealcoat is a liquid applied in order to protect asphalt pavement from sunlight, weather oxidation and damage from traffic.

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Your crews did a splendid job with our driveway. We're really pleased with it. Looking forward to have he seal coat put on after the summer.

Michel Rogulski
Michel Rogulski

I have watched Tommy, Kevin and all your men with the asphalt crew doing an outstanding job! It is such pleasure to have them on our sites and hope to continue to see them on all our projects.

Bruce Darby
Bruce Darby

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